Jakość wkładów kominkowych TOTEM


Our company is entirely dedicated to one sole business: manufacturing top quality fireplaces. The casing of Totem® fireplaces is made of heat-resistant Corten® steel and the combustion chamber is lined with exceptionally durable, special bricks of a unique composition, that perfectly accumulate heat. Totem fireplaces are covered by 5 years producer’s warranty.

Nowoczesny design i jakość projektów wkładów TOTEM


All Totem fireplaces have been designed so that the steel elements were the most discreet and don’t veil the beautiful view of the fire. Our wide range of products includes unique models with 180o panoramic glass, lateral fireplaces with panoramic (curved) glass and suspended fireplaces, which will certainly become the focal point of your living room.

Najnowsze technologie produkcji stalowych wkładów TOTEM


Totem fireplaces are fitted with direct external air inlet; hot air collector with 4 hot air vents Ø 125 mm each, easily removable ash tray in a form of capacious container with a convenient handle, cast-iron grill with adjustment for input of combustion air, regulation of smoke damper (valve) synchronized with the system of door opening.

System podwieszania wkładów kominkowych TOTEM

Suspension System

Designed by Totem Fire JSC, specialistic system facilitating fitting suspended fireplaces is simple, practical and effective. It consists of 3 modules to be chosen depending on the interior’s height and the ceiling inclination angle.

Cegły szamotowe wykończeniowe do wkładów kominkowych TOTEM

Special Bricks

Special bricks with a unique composition, which ensures an outstanding durability and resistance to cracking even in case of intensive use of the fireplace. They are available in two colors, two sizes and two versions of the arrangement, which allows us to meet diverse needs of our customers based on individual decoration of interior and the color of stone used for fireplace surround.

Stalowe ramy wykończeniowe do kominków TOTEM

Finishing Frames

Totem offers also the ready-made steel frames in the color of casing (grey or black), which are a convenient choice especially in case of contemporary and minimalistic interiors. There are 6 models available: Classic 50 & 100 and Zen 25 & 50 – for frontal, horizontal, vertical and double-sided models; Optima for multisided models; Linéa for multisided, panoramic and suspended fireplaces.

TOTEM® fireboxes. Contemporary and efficient.

Totem® combines high quality materials and technology with bold and original design. Fireplace insert is made of stainless Corten® and the interior is lined with special bricks.

Wkłady kominkowe TOTEM - Frontal z szybą prostą
Totem Frontal firebox

Integral vision of fire. Exclusive design.

To provide you with "an integral vision of the fire" all of our fireplace inserts are equipped with doors that completely hide in the fireplace casing. Authentic bricks are available in different sizes and colors.

Wkłady kominkowe TOTEM - Kominek 3 Faces
Totem 3 Faces firebox

Unique technical solutions.Quality that will last for years.

Each project is unique. To provide you with a wide selection, we developed a range of 43 models of fireplace inserts, divided by type into 5 groups.

Wkłady kominkowe TOTEM - Kominek Panoramiczny
Totem Panoramic firebox